Miner specifications

Hash rate: 504 M/S

Power consumption: 800 W ± 10% (APW3-1600 PSU has a conversion of AC/DC 93% at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius)

Power efficiency: 1.6 J/MH ± 10%

Input voltage: 11.6 V to 13.0 V

Number of ASIC chips: 288 pieces

Number of hash boards: 4

Miner dimensions: 352 mm (L) x  130 mm (W) x  187.5 mm (H)

Packing dimensions: 445 mm (L) x  215 mm (W) x  285 mm (H)

Miner weight (not including packing): 4.4 kg

Surrounding temperature 0 to 40 degree Celsius

Surrounding humidity: 5% RH – 95% RH, condensation not allowed

Network connection: Ethernet

Noise level: 75 dB

Fans: Front fan spinning at 4300 rpm, rear fan spinning at 3600 rpm


Miner configuration

a) Network: The default IP setting is DHCP (self-generated IP), please use a DHCP server so that the miner can generate an IP.

b) Power up the miner and wait for the normal (green) light to start flashing before searching for the miner’s IP address.

Then download the IP search software here: and look for IP Reporter as below



c) Enter the miner’s IP address into the supported browser. A dialog box will pop up which requires you to enter the login credentials; both username and password are «root».


d) Press the “Network” tab and choose “Static” from the Protocol dropdown list. Key in the IP address, subnet mask, SWG, DNS, then click “Save&Apply”

e) Configure miner’s pool settings: There are three mining pools in L3+, we advise using the same pool with 8888 and 443 domain. You may use another mining pool for the third field.

When keying the Worker name, you can add _ or . with the IP if you have many miners to differentiate. E.g. if this miner’s IP is, you can use fhq_1X99 or fhq.1X99, fhq being the mining pool’s sub-account name.

As seen in the picture below, we use _ or . to differentiate which pool domain the miner is using. We recommend Antpool.


Precautions for use

a) Power supply: It is recommended to use one power supply unit for one miner, with a consumption of 950 W. If there is no single PSU available, the four hash boards can receive power from the different power supply, but each hash board can only receive from just one power supply.

b) L3+ has a total of 9 PCI-E connectors; one connector on the control board and two connectors on each hash board.

c) The surrounding conditions should be between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius with 40% RH humidity. High moisture and dust accumulation will cause the miner to have a short circuit and/or corrosion, resulting in the hash boards being scrapped.

d) Network: 1 Mbps can support up to 200 miners, and a miner uses an estimated 500 MB of internet connection per month. Please make sure there is enough internet data to support the miners if you intended to purchase in large quantities. Always use static IP so that in case of errors, we can identify the cause easily.

e) Ensure electrical supply and power socket are certified to prevent power surge and damage to miners.

f) A PC is required to set up a miner. We recommend a laptop with WIN7-64, WIN8, or WIN10 operating system. The other systems will not be able to use the software in a batch file.

g) L3+ requires the front and rear fan to work together. When either one is down, the miner will buzz. Please check if the fans are working when the fault light is flashing.

h) WiFi is not supported.

i) The miner has a buzzer. Whenever the internet is cut off, the fans cannot be detected, and the temperature rise beyond normal, the miner will buzz and it will not stop until the error is fixed. We do not recommend the buzzer be forcefully removed.

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Scrypt Mining Hash Rate: 504MH/s (±7% is expected).
Compatible Coins: Litecoin and Dogecoin.
Power Consumption: 800W (±10%) at the wall.
Noise level: Loud. Not for desk-top use. Sounds like a vacuum.
Chip quantity per unit: 288 x BM1485.
Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V.
Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C.

Delivery: 7 days after payment

*Power Supply not included

*MÁQUINA AUTO-ENSAMBLADA: Tarjetas de Hashing y Control Board son usados. Todo lo demás (carcasa, ventiladres, cables) es nuevo.

Peso 5 kg