Colorful GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6G Graphic Card

Brand: Colorful
Chip Series: GeForce® GTX 1660 Super
Product Series: iGame Series
GPU Code Name: TU116
Manufacturing Process: 12nm
CUDA Cores: 1408
Core Clock: Base: 1530Mhz; Boost:1785Mhz
Memory Clock: 14Gbps
Memory Size: 6GB
Memory Bus Width: 192bit
Memory Type: GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth: 336 GB/S
Power Connector: 8pin
Power Supply: 4+2
TDP: 125W
Display Ports: DP+HDMI+DVI
Fans Type: FAN
Heat Pipe Number/Spec: 2*φ6
Power Suggest: 450W
DirectX: 12.1/4.5
NV technology Support: Ansel, GPU Boost
Slot Number: 2 slot
Product Size: 222*126*42mm
Net Weight: 0.7KG
Gross Weight: 2.0KG
Country of Origin: China

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Red & Black Color
The red and black color contrast design makes the graphic card more fashionable and stylish, and the high-quality shell is scientific and durable.

Better Heat Dissipation
Equips with 2*90mm fans to provide high air, more dense one-piece metal cooling fins to speed up the heat discharging, and the S-shape heat pipe design increases the contact area and enhances the thermal conductivity.

Intelligent Speed Adjustable Fan
Automatically adjusts the speed according to the load, quiet and noiseless under low load.

Metal Backplate
Metal backplate covers the PCB, to enhance the heat dissipation effect and ensure the fastness and longer service life.

Game Swift
Adopts the special architecture, which features superior graphics performance for a sustained and fast gaming experience.

Peso 2 kg
Dimensiones 46 × 29 × 12 cm